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Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Technology That I Use for Planning and Blogging

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I use a paper planner, but as a blogger, I am very techno-savvy. 

How can a Luddite in the world of planners love to tweak HTML and edit YouTube videos?

And what I am willing to spend (you KNOW it's not much) to do so?

purple keyboard, surface pro 3, planner, frixion pen

I actually use only two technological tools to do all of my blogging.

I use a smart phone to take pictures. It's nothing fancy like this one. It's just an old Samsung. The only picture I could find was the one with a link to the case that I use, since the phone is so old.

I sync it with a free program called Mighty Text, which I highly recommend (not a sponsored review, but just my opinion).

Once the pictures are on my computer, I can download and play with them.

The one place that I did splurge is on my tablet/laptop, a Surface Pro 3 (with a purple keyboard).

I love my Surface for planning and for blogging

It has the video camera that I use for YouTube. In OneNote 2013 (free software from Microsoft), it lets me create daily dockets, edit pictures for blogging, and write directly on the screen with a pen! (Click the links in the above paragraph to check it out.)

The Surface (with keyboard) ran about $1,000, and now you can even get a Surface Pro 4.

Worth it.

I use it for everything and it is still going strong, with no problems, a year later.

The pen is used as a cursor, which is great for editing tiny bits of HTML. It allows me to color in little imperfections in my photos or add new fonts.

Still, my day planner is my go to for thinking. Even with the ability to write directly on the surface of my computer, something about the scratch of paper calls to my soul.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie - the photos aren't showing up in the post :(

Angela Gilmore said...

I like using a paper planner too. I don't know why I just can't get everything in order on my phone or computer when it comes to planning. I have a big fancy planner but I don't use it anymore because it is to heavy to carry around in my purse.

GM said...

Photos are working for me! But you did say in a previous post that your Loyal Readers will spot typos for you, so here's one that made me smile:

"If a paper planner calls to your soul, make sure to describe to the Giftie Etcetera e-mail message."


Giftie Etcetera said...

The photos haven't stopped working for me and are working on all the computers in the house! But thanks for letting me know so I could check!

I fixed the typo, too, though I hated to, because it was FUNNY! Tee hee. But the perfectionist inside me had to fix it anyway.

Anonymous said...

I see them now. Thanks!!

Jaime Barfield said...

I just recently switched from google calendar to cozi family organizer. This is just something so that I can share schedules with hubby (he does not do google calendar). My favorite tool to use this is a simple galaxy tablet that I purchased a keyboard case for. So easy to use. I still have my paper planner because I just could not function without it.