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Friday, December 11, 2015

Why I Don't Want a Planner for Christmas

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I don't want a planner for Christmas.

Franklin Covey compact, Flourish planner, Frixion pen

I am obsessed with planners. I write a planner blog. I run a planner Facebook group and participate in several others.

My Christmas list is long. I asked for a bike, a jewelry storage mirror, and a fire pit.

Realistically, I won't get most of that stuff. My husband is on a budget and we just bought a new car. A nice planner, considering the cost, would be much cheaper.

But, no, I'm not asking for a planner for Christmas. There are so many reasons why.

I love my current planner, a Franklin Covey Flourish (compact). It doesn't get dirty, is light to carry, and requires no upkeep. It's the right size for my life right now.

My planner is essential. Like a gray suit for an interview or a toothbrush, a planner is a part of my life. I need it. It's not a gift; it's a given.

I tried a fancy planner, and I didn't love it. My Boston compact was creamy and smelled nice. But she just was too wide and too tall and got too dirty.

Having multiple planners is just too complicated. Heck, I can barely keep up with one.

What's on your Christmas list this year?!?


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Inner Prop said...

I keep a notebook rather than a planner per se, but I just got one, minutes before reading this blog.

I completely agree. A planner or notebook is so very very personal that you can't just get any, even if the person knows you and your planner very well.

This person did not know me well so the notebook is completely wrong for me.

Maybe planner accessories would be better: like stickers; a "holster" for your pen; a new pen or highlighter; or some other addition that goes with a ring binder/planner.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the lightness of the FC 365 line. I have the polka-dot and, even full, it has no significant weight to it.

I did 'treat' myself to a plum FC compact Ava on Amazon. The pebbled exterior looks really soft and it contains a zippered section inside for coins, etc. Reminds me of the Filofax Malden, only about $65 cheaper! I love my polka-dot, but desire a more muted, solid - then perhaps switch back to my colored dots for spring/summer. I also have a classic FC, but don't see myself going back to that size.

And I'll take a fire pit over a planner any day as a gift!

Anna said...

I'm happy with my planner, too. Plus I want to pick out my planner and the things for it myself. That way I will get what I really want :)

Cori Large said...

I know my husband got me a new containment unit for Christmas, only because I've been eyeing it for 6 months. BUT it's a size bigger than what I'm currently using. I'm probably not going to switch, so I have no idea what I'm going to be doing with it.

Tessa W said...

What did you replace the original Flourish pages with when you ran out? FC is so expensive plus I am Canadian so the exchange rate makes it worse but I haven't found anything reasonably priced that fits as well. Everything is more narrow. I have been printing my own but it is so much work to cut and punch it all.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I don't know in Canada. I use A Paris Is Always A Good Idea Orange Circle Planner from Amazon. I still have to tear out and hole punch the pages, but no cutting!

Carla said...

After a 7 month long waffling session,I finally gave myself the FC Boston Compact for my birthday last year. For me, it's the perfect compromise size between the FC Classic and an FF Personal. As for inserts, I've designed my own - FC Compact size that fit comfortably in my FF or Kate Spades. Is the Boston my unicorn? Don't know, but for now it is.

Tessa W said...

I'll look into that. Thanks :)

Jaime Barfield said...

I have one person that I know could buy me the perfect planner and that is my bestie. Our planners are very similar because we are so much alike. However, she knows I love my current planner!

Anonymous said...

I use a FC classic (plain brown) but I put the sheets for only month at a time + the MOnthly overview for 12 months. It keeps the planner at a more comfortable weight.
Monique Canada.