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Monday, December 21, 2015

Top Ten Planner Posts of the Year: #7

Today's 7th most popular planner post of the year is about stuff that I don't do in my planner!

Throughout the rest of the year, I'll add to the countdown.

planner; flourish; glasses; orange jump drive; Frixion pens

Take some time and read these information-packed posts again before setting up your planner for the new year.

10. Take Control of Your Planner Pages

9. Tricks for Never Ever Forgetting to Use Your Planner

8. 10 Essential Sections to Transform Your Daily Plan

And the newest of the Top Ten:

7. Things I Never Do in My Planner

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Unknown said...

Good to see your plan for your planner. I do use a planner and it does make life easier. Thank you for sharing on #ovethemoon

tialea2 said...

Love this. I am not sure if I will be using a planner because I do so much on my computer so this was helpful for me. Made me rethink! Thank you for sharing #faithfilledparentinglinkup