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Monday, March 16, 2015

Planner Trick: The Repeating Task Tag

When tasks need to be done again and again, I generally just circle them. When they gets done, I rewrite them where I need to do them next.

Some things, though, not only have to be recopied all the time, but they are on a schedule and too important to miss doing.

I've identified three things that fit those criteria:

1. Daily Tasks - I have a checklist on my Surface Pro 3 in an app called Daily Tasks, but I need a note on my planner to remind me to do the daily tasks.

2. Work - Work is scheduled on my monthly calendar, but I like to know in a glance at my weekly task list when I'll next be working.

3. Blogs - I try to blog every day. Often, I have several blogs already scheduled and need to know when I next have to write a blog to stay ahead.

For those three things, I've started using movable post-it tabs.

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The post-it tabs stand out against the rest of the page at a quick glance. They are simple to move to the next day when they are needed. And they are routine enough for me that recopying is not needed to remind my mind to do the task.

Note that I write them the same way as all other tasks - circle, context code, and action verb.

What tasks are repetitive enough and important enough for you to make movable tags for? Chores? Homework? Studying? Taking out the trash? Exercise?



The Kitchen Wife said...

I really, really wish I was more organized! You make it seem so easy!

Teri said...

What a great organizational idea! I love finding new ones! said...

I haven't used movable flags before. I've seen others who have done it but I haven't. They're a good idea except that they don't leave a written record of when the task was done. I frequently look back at previous pages to see when and if I did something. If I use the flags, I won't have that record. So I'm not sure I would use them but I could see how they would be a great option for someone not so obsessive about their past written records.

Megan said...

Great idea! I've used the same idea for one-time tasks that didn't get done, but I never thought about using it for repeating tasks. Thanks!

KariP said...

I love using these for meal planning and house cleaning, chores that I really don't need a record of. Now if it's something like paying my car registration, that gets a more permanent entry.

Anna said...

I've used the movable flags for non-planner things (like kids schoolwork), but never really thought about them for the planner- other than as a page marker. I'm going to try them for some of the things I have that aren't really day or week specific, but that I would like to try to get done.

Sophiz said...

I use movable flags for my yoga sessions and dentist for my kids : it's simple and very fast eye reminder!