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Friday, March 27, 2015

Planner Fit: The Importance of Handbag Size

I found a major score at my local Goodwill. A Baggillini Sydney Bag was only $4. Sure, it had an ink stain right across the front of the bag. But I am a planner guru. I could get out a little ink (with a stain stick and a toss in the washing machine).

See my planner in there? A Franklin Covey compact or a Filofax personal fits just right! And there are still plenty of pockets for cell phones, a small wallet, and keys.

what's in my bag, planner, Filofax, Franklin Planner

The bag came out looking brand new. I've been using it ever since and, well, wow. This may be my favorite bag ever.

The size is almost as tall as my water bottle, but it's a fairly thin crossbody, nylon bag.

NOTE: The first picture is truer to the actual color of the bag, but I provided this second picture for a size comparison.

Planner, Water Bottle, Baggillini

I realize these bags are usually more expensive (and I would definitely pay a lot more than $4, now that I know how lightweight, easy-to-clean, and high quality this bag happens to be).

But I would have made a bad deal had I not stood in the Goodwill store, pulled out my planner, and made sure that it fit nicely in the bag.

It did. In fact, this bag is about the smallest bag one can have and still comfortably fit a planner that measures under 5 X 7 inches.

So many people with planners use a huge handbag, tote, or leather briefcase. But I use my planner every day and everywhere. I use it to grocery shop, when hanging with friends, and at work. Why would I want to leave the house without it?

Next time you purchase a bag, consider whether it fits your planner. And if it doesn't, you might want to pass on that purchase, even if it is under $5.


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2justByou said...

It's so hard to find the perfect bag. I used to have a great one that fit a notebook, and it was great for carrying papers around when I needed to. I haven't found another one that I like as much as that one yet.

Unknown said...

I'm an A5 girl... and this bag is the one for me. (And ALL THE POCKETS!)

Giftie Etcetera said...

Oh, that is a nice bag!

maccie2 said...

I absolutely love Baggallini bags and have 7 at the moment, most of them quite small, but they all will hold a personal size Filofax plus my other essentials. Sales ladies get all sniffy because I pull out all of the paper stuffing and transfer everything to check. Baggallinis have so many pockets!

Anna said...

The last time I bought a bag, I took awhile trying different bags for size, and making sure my planner fit. Top of the list for importance. :) said...

I do this every time I pick up a new bag. In store I will takeout my planner and place inside the bad in question and I will see if there is extra room for my other must haves if not it goes back.

I am like you and my planner goes everywhere with me. I am lost with out her and even carry it with out a bag a lot also. said...

Absolutely. Even if I don't carry my planner with me all the time (gasp - sometimes I leave it home or in the car), it must fit in the purse. If not, the purse is not an option.

Andrea said...

My planner is small. :) So it fits in all the bags.

But this is a really cute bag. What a great find!! SCORE!

Hilda Rodgers said...

Defintiely an important consideration! I can't believe you found that bag for $4! What a deal :)

I'm The Queen of My Castle said...

I like my purses big enough to fit my planner, too. The only time my planner is not with me is work, but, that may change. Need to invest in a different wallet though.

Miller Family said...

I have a Franklin Covey Classic size and find it very very hard to find the right bag. They are either to small or huge work totes. Any ideas on a mediumish bag that would work for this size?
I am carrying this one right now.

KariP said...

Love that color. I've started replacing, uh adding to, my cross body bag collection, with ones that fit my planner and other necessities. It has to be on the larger size as I'm using a FC Boston.

SMW said...

The bags from are great for fitting planners in - I have several in different sizes, but currently use their Burtie messenger bag. Fits an A5 organizer and my Personal, as well as all the other bits and pieces. Even better, they are waterproof - I have walked through a downpour with this and nothing got inside!