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Friday, March 13, 2015

How to Manage Medicals in a Planner

At some point, everyone faces some minor medical crisis. This week, of course, I had oral surgery. I'm recovering okayish (which is code for THIS SUCKS ROYALLY).

Fortunately, I had guarded my time to do a work project, so my week was fairly open. I asked for an extension on the project, as I could not do it justice on pain meds. (When you always meet your deadlines, people take you very seriously when you do need an extension.)

surface pro 3, one note, medical, daily docket, planner

Here's the breakdown of how I used my planner for post-surgery recovery.

surface pro 3, one note, medical, daily docket, planner

Schedule Meds

I used my daily docket to schedule my meds and ice packs. It's a little complicated since one med is every six hours and the others are every four hours, rotating, but one not before driving.

Medical Records

As I take a med, I highlight it.

List Instructions

I put instructions right there on my planner, on the date of the surgery. After all, that space was blank since I had surgery that day, and following instructions while on pain meds is not easy.

Real Life Goes On

I still have space on my weeklies for normal tasks and I still have my ongoing task list. But I am quite aware that I will only get the little stuff done.

Notes for Doctor

Finally, I have a place dedicated for recording high temperatures or anything else that merits a call to the doctor.


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Dapoppins said...

What a great idea. I work with an elderly woman - and it would be lovely if I could get all her caregivers to keep this kind of log.

Lisa said...

This is something you could easily market. I know a lot of older people/retirees who consistently screw up their meds and require additional care. Heck, I know young people who screw up their meds! Just a thought. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Hilda Rodgers said...

Great strategy to keep track of what you need to take and when you've taken it! It's so hard to remember what you've done when or what you need to take when, especially when you're on medication!

Anna said...

Good ideas. :) I'm in a stage right now where I have to write EVERYTHING down or I seem to forget it.