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Friday, March 20, 2015

How My Planner Gets All The Things Done

Today, I did not want to do any of The Things.

I did not want to workout.

I did not want to do my paid work.

I did not want to wake up early to drive carpool, take a shower, or cook dinner.

I just wanted to sleep in under the warm covers, wake up to a cup of sweet cafe' au lait, and read romance novels all day.

But I need to take care of my body, get paid, do childcare, and eat healthy meals.

So I took out my planner.

planner, productivity, tasks, getting things done

I viewed all The Things that needed doing.

I also noted that the list wasn't all that long and had space for some relaxing time right after work.

Most critically, I noticed that I have a blissful weekend off (after a long weekend of volunteer work last week).

I got a ton done today. It was hard, as I am exhausted and have a sick husband this week, so I am doing a lot of extra chores. But I did it and the weekend is only a day away.

My planner let me see things clearly, when my tired, befuddled brain could no longer think rationally.

What does a plan do for you?



Ali @ Glutenfreehomebakery said...

I write notes and make lists but I agree, time to get a new planner!

Anna said...

I tend to procrastinate by nature. I've gotten better about that, but it helps me to see it on paper. It's like my own deadline to get things done. Plus I'm forget things when I get too busy, so it helps me keep track of all I need to do. On Thursday, I had a day similar to what you described. I didn't really feel like doing anything. Fighting an infection, then the antibiotics made me sick to my stomach. But I worked my way through my list. Even though I didn't feel like doing those things, it was nice to check them off the list!