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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Repetitive Tasks In A Planner: A Sticky Solution

For the most part, if there is a repetitive task in my planner, I circle it. I know that if a task is circled, whenever I complete it, I did to recopy the task to the next time it must be done.

For example, trash to be put out every Tuesday is listed on the next upcoming Tuesday. The word "trash" has a circle around it. Once I take out the trash, I recopy (and re-circle) on next week.

This technique works fine for occasional, weekly, and monthly tasks. But what about daily or almost daily tasks or goals? I can't write them all on each day, or the page is too cluttered. And I can't just not write them, or I fail to factor them in or forget to do them.

My solution? Printing stickers for daily tasks and goals.

I just used some old name badges (but mailing labels would work, too).

I used the Avery on-line templates to create my own stickers.

Then I printed and cut them to size.

One page of name badges made 16 stickers. That's 16 weeks of goals. I only did the one page, in case my goals change between now and then.

Just for the curious among you, these goals are exercising 6 times a week, eating 6 fruits and veggies per day, and doing my AM and PM routines.

I also made a sticker for during the school year, when the kids have to get ready in the morning (school bag, water bottle, snack, and lunch) and do things every afternoon (homework, chores, process folder, and put snack/water/lunch containers in the sink).

Also, I'm only putting the stickers on during my weekly review. Again, that is to give me a chance to change my mind about what is on the sticker (say, if my workout goal changes due to an injury).

If there are only certain days when I plan to do something, I use an X on the unplanned days. Once I do the task, I circle it.

The stickers fit in the back of my planner easily without taking up much space.

So simple. So effective.

What do you use stickers for? Do you make your own?



Oh so organised!! said...

You always come up with such logical, duh moment, solutions! I absolutely love your blog - your ideas are just so simple, easy to do, time saving solutions. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into it.

yezenia said...

I have some routines printed on my inserts, but I did make stickers for stuff that I don't necessarily do on a specific schedule. But I do really need to do a cleaning schedule. Haven't I been saying that for months? There are just do many more interesting things to do.
; )

blueskies16 said...

Very cool! That is a great idea. Love your blog and your approach to planning.

Unknown said...

I do use stickers. I have some Filofax ones as well as some Mark-It Dots.

Jenny said...

I loved this idea so much after I read this post yesterday that I implemented it today. Thanks so much!

YBD said...

Brilliant idea. I'm going to incorporate it in my planner!