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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Scheduling In A Planner

I write often about my love of weeklies and monthlies in my planner. Dailies just take up too much space and don't give me the overview of my week that I depend on.

But sometimes, I need a daily page. Often, I simply use the graph paper from my dashboard and set up a special page between my weeklies. Or I add a large sticky note. That works if it's a busy day because I have a lot of errands or have to pack a lot of items with me.

But what if things are time specific?

Yesterday, I had a small gathering of girlfriends. There was a particular list of things that had to be done in a specific order. Some food needed to prepped early, like the salsa, that tastes much better after spending some time in the fridge. Other stuff, like my sausage dip, had to be done at the last minute.

ASIDE: I use Pioneer Woman's salsa recipe. Google it. Simple and yummy.

TIP: Sausage dip is an easy, tasty dip. It is always a hit. One roll Jimmy Dean sausage, one 8 oz. cream cheese, and one can of medium Rotel. Cook sausage, add Rotel, and add and melt slowly cubes of cream cheese. Put in a small crockpot and serve with Scoops or tortilla chips.

In order to plan the day, I really felt like I needed a schedule. I yearned for the order of little blocks of time.

So I made one.

I put the order of things on the page and just highlighted as each thing got done.

TIP: Highlighting things as they are complete makes the incomplete items jump out at you.

I just printed extra copies of this to use on busy days, for parties, and for important days like the first day of school. I hole-punched those to stay in the back of my planner.

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Miller Family said...

I love to have a daily with time slots just for these reasons!

Thanks for all you do, you have helped me use my planner more efficiently than I ever thought I would.

Ivy said...

I do that, too. It helps me see how to get everything done and if I even can. Very effective. Good idea to have some extras available for when you need them.