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Monday, July 21, 2014

Order Revisited

I've talked about the Order Of Things before. Things often need to be done in a specific order so that you can save time and stay organized.

Today, I had to put mail into a self-seal envelope. In particular, I had written a check to pay back a friend for my portion of a shared hotel room. I needed to mail the check to my friend.

I pulled off the seal cover first, BEFORE putting the check into the envelope.

Yes, you guessed right. I accidentally stuck the check to the envelope. I had to start all over with a new check and a new envelope. It costs money to buy checks and envelopes, but more important to me is the amount of wasted time, writing a second check and envelope. (Update: I was able to salvage the check, but not the envelope.)

Perhaps the name "Giftie" is more of an aspiration than a title. :/

Now, if I could only figure out the appropriate order so that the oven, dryer, and toaster don't all scream (okay, beep and pop up) at me at once!


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