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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Planner Page Perfection

One of the reasons that I rarely plan electronically is because I can't control the page enough in something like Outlook or a shared Google calendar. So I search endlessly, instead, for my favorite paper set-up.

The reality are not going to like this...there is NO PERFECT SET-UP.

Shhh. It's okay. Take a moment and calm yourself.

Because, you see, while there is such a thing as the perfect planner page, the one that serves you and your needs is already very close to perfect.

For me, this week, that meant a combination of a weekly and a daily page. Plus, it meant lots of very visual scratch-outs, so whatever is left to do pops out at me.

Next week, it might mean tracking water consumption or workouts. Perhaps I need to track time spent working or what outfit I need to wear. Maybe I use my planner pages for menu planning.

Planner page perfection just requires a few things:

1. a general set-up that makes YOU visually happy (with color or lack thereof);

2. a layout that makes sense to YOUR brain; and

3. creative uses of your set-up.

Creative uses for your planner pages are the key to going beyond the bland entries in a electronic calendar.

For example, track water right there on the dated entry by writing a small number for each glass that you drink - 1, 2, 3....

Or use my sticker solution for your daily tasks.

Add your menu plan to the top of the page, the bottom of the page, or next to each date.

Give your task entries context codes.

Doodle. It helps cement your thoughts in your brain.

Divide and conquer (something that is virtually impossible to do with an electronic calendar).

Planner page perfection is not about the neatest, cleanest, and most color-coded page out there. It is about a page that works for you AND you working the page.

Happy planning! Join us in the Giftie Etcetera Facebook group to talk about planners (even electronic ones) and everything else to keep your life in order.



Diana said...

I have been using my planner for years. I resort to the same way of doing things but I still search for other ways of doing things. said...

Preach it, sister! That post was good stuff.