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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dedicated Kids' Chore Areas

I sent my kids into their bedrooms and bathrooms with a single mission: get them ready for my inspection.

It was an act of faith. You see, for eight years now, my husband has guided the children in organizing their rooms and I've been teaching them to do all of their other chores independently.

But to let them attack their rooms alone? Scary.

I put aside my OCD, dangled a carrot (time playing with electronics, which is limited in our home), and promised a consequence if not done (no electronics until it is, even if it takes weeks).

They did a good job. I wouldn't let a guest use the bathroom without a once over by me, obviously, but the 8 year old and the 5 year old did a respectable job and even took care of details that I would not have required.

It's kind of amazing.

From now on, unless we expect company, the kids will take care of cleaning that side of the house. I kind of love this plan.


1 comment: said...

I didn't realize how awesome it was to have my kids' help until they moved out. I was pretty bummed the first time I had to do it all by myself. Dang!