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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tiny Changes Challenge Day 2: Chores - Water Bottles

Every night, I refill my family's water bottles for work and school the next day. We live in the South, so this is a critical step in keeping all of us hydrated and saving tons of money on buying water. Also, there's the saving the planet and all. :)

For years, I've been refilling the water pitchers in the refrigerator whenever they run out of water (with two in the rotation, so that we always have cold water) and pouring water from the pitchers into the smaller water bottles each night before bed. The pitcher and water bottles go in the fridge until morning.

It occurred to me Okay, my husband POINTED OUT (dammit) that I would fill a pitcher, then fill the bottles, and the pitcher would be half full and need to be refilled sooner. Instead, I had the brilliant idea he suggested that I fill the water bottles whenever I fill the pitcher each night, at the sink. Then, I have cold water bottles AND two cold pitchers of water in the morning and save time filling the pitcher.

(In my defense, he has never rarely ever had a time-saving tip before. My brain is still trying to wrap itself around this sexy new development in our relationship!)

So, Day 2 of Giftie Etcetera's Tiny Changes Challenge - fill the water bottles from the sink instead of the pitcher!


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Anonymous said...

Good lucky in wrapping your head around it! I am still trying to do it even after 6 years together...

Tiny Changes Challenge Day 2:
I have a monthly chart and I will be tracking my green juice intake and my morning hot lemon water (I should be drinking it daily! But I keep forgetting to make my hot lemon water... So I will track everything).