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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tasks: The Pending And The Possible

Tasks. I write them down. Then, in theory, I do them. Oh, sometimes I don't, of course. If I really "don't wanna" {pout}, then I sometimes decide not to or assign it out. Usually, though, I just suck it up and get it done.

But what about tasks that I can't do yet? Inevitably, there is something that cannot be done until a certain date passes, I do something else first (but there are not enough steps to justify a project), or something else happens. I refer to those tasks as pending tasks. 

I have to write down these pending tasks, because eventually, I'll need to do them. I need to have them on the plan as a trigger for my memory and to make sure I follow-up if someone else doesn't do their part.

When I write those tasks down, instead of using a context code, I use @ to mean "after." So, @date = after a certain date. @AMB = after my husband, noted by his initials, does something. @action = after I do another action, I can do this.

Knowing WHERE to write @ tasks can be tricky. Generally, I write them in the next place where they will need to be scheduled. Today's errand to the library, which cannot happen until after carpool, goes on today's box on my weekly pages. Today's karate payment will be made at karate class.

Tasks that just need to be done sometime, but are waiting on someone or something, go on the general task list. For example, this picture shows that I need 2 adult witnesses before signing an insurance paper, I need my kid around to read a certain book, and I need my husband to book the Easter hotel.

Note that pending tasks are different than POSSIBLE tasks or events. Possible means that I need to know about, but may or may not do, the thing in question.

Possible tasks are noted by a question mark. For example, if I am thinking about baking a cake for a celebration, but am not obliged to bake the cake, I put a question mark behind it. In the picture below, I noted the date of the school auction (for reference and in case I decided to attend) with a question mark. (Sometimes, I mark something FYI, if it needs to stay for information whether I attend/do the task or not.)

This method of noting pending and possible tasks allows me to fully plan my day, without wasting time on things that I can't do yet anyway.


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