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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Planners and Lines

In the planner world, lined versus unlined pages are a big deal.

Most newbies to planning don't think about lines much, but it only takes one instance of planner fail to teach about this important, but often overlooked aspect of planners. Whether a planner has lines or not and the size of the lines is something planners should consider before buying a new planner or refills.

Most people find that they pretty much either love and must have lines or hate them.

I don't have lines on my weekly pages. Since I have a naturally neat handwriting (as a leftie, I'm pretty proud of that), I don't really need them.

If you do need lines, though, the size of the lines matter. If they are too small, they are difficult to write on.

If they are too large, the page will not have enough room for planning.

Next time you choose refills, consider the lines. They truly can be the difference between planner success and planner failure.



Bree said...

My handwriting is neat, but tends to expand to fill the available space, without lines to corral it. I hate FC 4mm line spacing - it ruins their pages for me.

My sweet spot is 5-6 mm. said...

I agree although I can go either way. I don't think that's typical, though.

So you're a leftie. My mom and dad are both lefties but my brother and I both ended up right handed.

Anita said...

I have lots of lined paper, but have found that recently I'm enjoying the flexibility of plain inserts. Also have fairly small & neat handwriting which I know does help :)