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Friday, February 14, 2014

Video: Work Planner (Featuring A DIY Tripod)

One of my fellow bloggers suggested that a video is rubbish without a tripod. My Loyal Readers know that I am all about the practical, and as an infrequent video blogger, I was not about to go out and buy a tripod.

Instead, I went all DIY on the problem. Plastic ice bucket, an upside down basket, and a couple of binder clips.

You know you love my tripod! ;)

And now, without further ado, my perfectly still, spookily unshaky video about Using A Franklin Covey Classic As A Dedicated Work Planner. (That is a link. Clink on it. You won't regret it.)

Some tips from the video:

*Decide which planner will hold which information and don't duplicate or deviate, unless absolutely necessary.

My personal planner holds work times, important due dates, and important meetings.

My work planner duplicates the due dates and meetings (just for record keeping purposes, so they ALWAYS go in my personal planner first). All work projects, tasks, and files go in my work planner ONLY.

*Clear plastic makes the best page markers. Use them to hold your task list sticky notes.

*If you do not have much space, use an index page 
only ABC system. But if you have lots of space, use the address tabs to arrange projects and files. I compromise by using the index ABC system for projects and the address tab ABC system for files.

*Keep a list of completed projects and accomplishments somewhere in your work planner. You will thank me when it comes time to have your annual review, ask for a raise, or apply for a new job.



Jennifer said...

Love your "tripod"! Mine is a chair LOL!

yezenia said...

Awesome tripod!!! My first DIY tripod involved the box my phone case came in, hair ties, and my phone cantilevered precariously. It made for an odd angle and anxiety about my phone flipping over. Now I just stack books and use a piece of foam board with a whole cut out to make a sort of boom. The things we do for YouTube.

yezenia said...

Hole not whole. Smh

Mathochist said...

Is there anything you can not do with binder clips?!?! Love it!

Josh LaPorte said...

My tripod is the bottom shelf of a wall cabinet in my kitchen, using my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Works a treat!

Seriously, I really enjoyed this post and video because I've been thinking that it would be best to give another shot at dividing my work and personal planners, and have been thinking a lot about how to make that work. A lot of people seem to find this easy, if not obvious and natural. To me, dividing my life is rather odd and difficult to maintain. In the past, when I tried to maintain a bifurcated planner setup (work/personal) I ended up carrying them both around all the time, which is really not ideal. And I would need to check both to see if I could schedule an appointment. But I'm thinking about this more and wondering if I should give it another try. My entire system is much tidier and more thoroughly though out now, and I think in this mature planning stance I can accommodate this alteration more easily.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I still don't know if this will work, Joshua. I start to work on Monday, so we will see. I've struggled in the past, too. That's why all appointments are going in my personal. It's still just one life that I am living.