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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Planner Schedules - Bells and Whistles

As Loyal Readers know, I use my monthly calendar exclusively for scheduling.

I am able to do this successfully because I:

1) rarely have more than four appointments in a day, 
2) supplement with a sticky note or daily page if I have more than four appointments, and 
3) schedule work as an appointment and then include my work schedule in my work planner.

Generally, I like to only rely on that monthly calendar, as it forces me to look at the planner. But, in some instances, I won't have time for looking at the planner. For example, on Thursday, I have work from 7:30 - noon, then errands, but I have to leave my errands in time to get to carpool pick-up. Generally, when I work, I am focused. I don't stop and pull out my personal planner (as opposed to my work planner) very often. During errands, I do look at my planner, but might get caught up doing something and risk missing carpool.

On days like that, I set the alarms on my phone.

I am no technophobe. I know, I know. I use a paper planner. And, as a general rule, I find alarms really intrusive or easy to ignore (especially when overused), so I rarely use them.

But that is the key. I rarely use alarms, so when I do, I PAY ATTENTION!

Remember 5th grade? The bell rang and it meant recess! I always pretend it's the recess bell (even when it is telling me to DO something, like go to work).

When you need to focus on something, consider using an alarm so that you can focus instead of watching the clock.


2 comments: said...

That's what I do, too. It works great.

yezenia said...

I do that too. If its time dependent and ill be in some sort of doodoo if its not attended to, it gets an alarm on my phone. I agree though they can be easy to ignore.