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Monday, February 3, 2014

Marathoning The Task List In Your Planner

My sister runs marathons. In most ways, I just assume she is crazy. Impressive, mind you, but crazy. But I definitely admire her planning, dedication, and drive to complete the races.

I share a lot of my sister's characteristics; I just channel my strengths into things that don't require so much oxygen. 

For example, if my task list gets too long, I plan a marathon session to get it cleared off.

This week, that meant three hours set aside to get all those nagging tasks done.

Once they were complete, I went ahead and made a new, shorter task list.

Maybe this sounds crazy. Maybe you think that you don't have half a day to do unimportant tasks. And often I try to fit in one quick, unimportant task in a day. But that's just not enough a lot of the time.

Plus, if you have followed my suggestions about keeping your task lists reasonable and organized, the only things on your lists are things that need to be done, maybe not today, but sometime. And, if you are really busy, nothing lightens your load like getting a bunch of tasks scratched out.

So go ahead and block out an afternoon...and shorten your task list. It will take hours, but you will feel so much better after you cross the finish line.



Anonymous said...

I am doing a marathon session to clear out my tasks tomorrow. And that includes cleaning, chopping, seasoning and freezing! I will be busy!! But I hope I can get it all done. Now: sleep. I need a good sleep to deal with that tomorrow. Thanks, Giftie. said...

I completely agree. If you prioritize the way you're supposed to, sometimes you just can't ever get to that little stuff but it still needs done at some point. Having a marathon session to knock it out is the perfect solution.

ohcecilia said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying all your posts. Sometimes I think you are spying on me because every topic has been something I've been thinking about or struggling with! Thanks for always sharing. :)

Lee said...

I also need a voicemail marathon and an email marathon.