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Monday, February 17, 2014

Post-it Paper Processing

Every now and then, I give tips for just straight up processing paper. Usually, that involves processing paper into your planner so that you can discard it or permanently file it.

But as all planner people understand, somethings just do not fit in a planner. For me, soliciting for the school auction is a project that cannot be captured completely in my planner. This project involves lots of individual solicitations with the accompanying paperwork for each.

Sure, I track everything (tasks in my weekly section, scheduled pick-ups on my monthly pages, and deadlines in my weekly pages) in my planner, but the actual project is in a folder.

In order to track the progress of each individual task, I use a simple sticky note (or post-it) to keep a log on the paper or binder-clipped set of documents.

TIP: A paper clip works well for this individual folder. However, for long term files or large amounts of paper, a binder clip is more secure.

To keep my sticky notes portable, I use a piece of cardboard, folded to hold my notes.

The cardboard had some writing on it, so I covered it with a large sticker, cut to size, and some decorative washi tape.

BONUS TIP: To attach notes to a folder, just fold the notes over the edge of the inside pocket and secure with a paper clip.

(In the sample picture below, I track the times that each business is open. It's something I always need to see, altogether, in order to schedule accordingly.)


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Filohacks said...

So much in this post which is totally cool. On principle I don't like using sticky notes except as markers (the tab kind) but I think you may have converted me.... Off to buy some stickies...