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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Organizing Under The Sink

Surprise! The kitchen flooded. Don't you love days like that?

The good news is that the plumbing only cost under $100 and that the flood forced me to clean and organize the area under the sink since I had to take everything out, anyway. (See me noticing the positive? Also, having a glass of wine. Those two things might be related.)

I started by putting things that we never use, but that need to be in climate control, in the very back of the area. For example, paint, which can't go outside because Louisiana summers are too hot, goes under the sink.

I used the paintbrush extender to slide all the paint in, since my arms are really short.

TIP: A mop or broom handle makes a great slider.

BONUS TIP: Anytime an appliance comes with a special tool, like the food processor does, go ahead and tape the tool in a labeled envelope near the appliance. I came across a good example of that when I was cleaning under the sink.

The next step was to divide the items up in categories, like insect sprays or dusting supplies.

TIP: Divide complex organizing projects in a comfortable space, then move them one grouping at a time until all are put away. That method is far less stressful than trying to organize everything with your head stuck under the sink. (And just imagine where your booty is, if your head is under the sink.)

For the rest of the things that I store under the sink, I tried to put things that are used less often near the back.

Things we use all the time, like dish washing detergent, goes in the front, where it is easy to reach.



Diana said...

Good post. Sorry to hear about the flooding.
I really need to get under my sink but without the flooding part. I think I'll make it next Saturday's project.

Unknown said...

Oh dear! Been there. Done that. That was probably when i organized under my sink! lol