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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Ability To Organize

The majority of my Loyal Readers are planner people. That said, tonight I was having dinner at a fondue restaurant (the chocolate had a naughty name and a naughtier flavor) and a friend mentioned that she reads my blog sometimes and thinks, "don't people already know this stuff?"

I think the answer to that is complicated.

True, most of what I write, to me at least, seems like common sense. Of course I will group errands together or have a regular home for my purse. Obviously, I'm going to write going to the doctor in my planner. Yes, it makes sense to put my medications in a weekly container or have a basket for my shoes in the area where I generally slip them off.

On the other hand, if humans don't stop and think about these things, only a small percentage of people will actually bother doing them. We all have some ability to organize, but we don't all make that ability work for us. And, like any ability, it varies in level from person to person.

(I think of it like a game of The Sims. Some Sims are naturally more organized than others. Sure, all Sims can cook dinner or clean the toilet, but not all Sims do it without outside motivation.)

I am very orderly with my schedule and my tasks. But I am awful at spatial relations. I can't make the Tupperware fit in the cabinet because I simply can't see how it would fit. The pictures of my house are never pretty like those of other bloggers since I am barely staying above water.

Frankly, I use my planner as my cheat sheet. Without it, I cannot pass the test of life.

So, yes, my friend, the things that I write are simple. If they weren't, we wouldn't bother with them. But they are also effective and great shortcuts for people who need some help along the way.

I am one of those people.



Deb said...

Just thought I would chime in here. I look forward to you posts every evening (I live in CA). I like reading because you are not perfect, you are a human. I am very human and I wish I knew some of the simple things you talk about years ago. I gave up a binder type planner for a fixed Moleskine, I loved it but then I realized I was not making good use of my time and have come back to a ringed binder. I am loving it, after. Major life change I needed to feel like I was in control of something and my planner & you have helped. Yes we all know this stuff on some level, but we forget or we don't know how to implement.

maccie2 said...

Beautifully put. I am also one of those people.

Christine Cortese said...

Actually not that many people know how to be organized. They don't use organizational tools, and they don't write things down. I think your friend might have been a tad jealous. Your blog goes far beyond tips for simple organization- your planner system is unique and very efficient, and you show in your videos how to set it up and use it. I've had ring binders for many years & have learned lots from your blog.

yezenia said...

Some people already know a lot of things that others don't. Cooking for example, if everyone already knew that one must add veggies to boil in a certain order then no one would ever bother to write that in cookbooks. Oh wait, THEY DIDN'T TELL ME THAT, DID THEY? Better example, my mom and sister had the types of brains that just remembered what they had to do. I never remember them struggle to remember tasks the way I always did. I learned at an early age if I wanted to achieve in school I had to organize myself, it never came naturally to me. I learned my own ways to adapt and to organize, and even now when my life is half over, I can still stand to learn a thing or two. The reason I love your blog is that for whatever reason the way you explain things and the tips you give actually resonate with me. I may not use every tip you give but I always gain insight on my own methods. I am thankful I learned at an early age what my shortcomings were and adapted, but not everyone does. So if it takes stumbling across the Plannerd community and this blog to make someone in need of an organizational overhaul realize there are lots of us that struggle and there is help, well I say keep blogging. If everyone was born with the same talents and gifts, there'd be no need for books, and blogs by extension.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Y'all are so sweet. Seriously, my friend meant well. She is naturally organized and was just mulling out loud. But I thought it was worth addressing because some people really struggle (like Yez - and me - with remembering things not written down).

Anonymous said...

I think many of us know these things but it's not our focus. Books and books are written to help people who want to be organized, know they should be yet can't get it in the right order. We need teachers.

Anonymous said...

Sure we all know how to do it but we are on a never ending search for a magical way to do it better.