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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Too Much Stuff?

I got my first set of Christmas presents last night - Frixion pens and a cute little pill sorter (intended for jewelry when I travel, but it might be even better for post-it notes). Perfect for me, right? I thought so.

Lots of organizing sites recommend no gifting for the holidays, regifting whatever you receive, or exchanging consumable gifts. They go on and on about cluttering the house and consumerism and how we don't need more "stuff."

To some extent, I agree. 

I don't exchange gifts with all of my friends. I have one friend who I have traditionally exchanged with since childhood and we still do so every year. (That friend got the presents for me last night.) It's a nice tradition. Otherwise, though, I only get something for friends if the mood strikes or something is just perfect for them. Otherwise, I tend to only buy for and receive gifts from close family.

I rarely regift, but that is probably because people who know me well are the only ones who give me gifts. If there is a gift exchange at work or something, I feel free to regift, particularly if the original giver will never know and the gift is far more appropriate for someone else.

I do give some consumable gifts. In particular, I will sometimes get gift cards for experiences, like coffee shops or yummy restaurants.

But, if I am to be quite honest (and I always try to be in this blog), I don't think Christmas involves too much stuff.

I know. I know. Saying this is against the Organizer's Code and I should be fired! (I don't have a job. Ha! Also, I made up that whole Organizer's Code thing. But if there was one, I'd break it!)

Maybe it's because the Wise Men brought gifts to Jesus.

Maybe it's because we don't buy very much stuff the rest of the year, so Christmas is special.

Maybe it's because it's fun.

Maybe it's because it's a way to create a dream.

Maybe it's because I love gift wrap organizers, lists, and the cold.

Instead of lamenting all the stuff this year, appreciate it. Think about the time and love that went into picking out the gifts that you give and that you receive. Find a home for each item. Enjoy the stuff.

The critics are somewhat right; Christmas is not about consumerism. It's about love, family, and celebration. Gifts are simply a physical sign of that, and as long as you stay within your budget, that is a wonderful thing.



Annie N said...

what a lovely post! i agree with you 100%

WellPlannedLife said...

I agree! Great post. :)