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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Toting Presents

Later this week, we'll talk about my new leather planner, my new Rapesco hole punch, and my new organizing board. Santa was sweet.

But just for today, let's talk about totes. I got a new one that coordinates perfectly with my Franklin Covey Flourish, but even if it didn't, I'd still use tons of totes for gift delivery.

I pack a different large tote bag (or even suitcase, depending where we are headed and how many gifts we are bringing) for the in-laws, my side of the family, and the extended family gatherings. Everything goes in the totes, including dishes for sharing, gifts, and anything else that must go to that home.

Then, once the bags are empty, I either use them to bring back dirty serving dishes or gifts that we receive.

This simple change in our packing for Christmas and holiday visiting has made an amazing difference in our ability to be organized and unpack presents in a timely manner without cluttering up the house.

Sure, it's easy to just stack presents together. But a tote just makes everything easier. Trust me.


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