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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting In The Mood

Today's post is all about getting in the mood. Well, getting in the mood to tackle your task lists. (What did you think I meant?) (Plus, HELLO, clean and orderly is sexy!)

One constant complaint among my Loyal Readers is that, no matter how nicely written in their planners, their task lists don't get completed.

Some Plannerds use the trick of writing circles to color or squares to check off, on the theory that their OCD will force them to finish.

I've recommended putting tasks right there on the weekly sheets, so you cannot miss them.

Charts sometimes help.

Some people just keep a running list of tasks.

None of us are getting it all done, though. (Are we?!? Those who answer yes, that you are getting everything done, be warned - we know you are LYING LIARS!)

What you need is an additional layer of tactic...get in the mood to do the tasks.

I'm going to bravely stupidly emphatically assert that there is NOTHING WRONG with talking to the imaginary camera in the kitchen about how to chop onions and properly caramelize chicken breasts, just as long as 1) no one else is actually around and 2) you know there's not really a camera there. (Yes, I know there's no camera. But there should be one! I'd be fabulous. And I cook some mean chicken breasts.) 

If pretending you are a famous chef helps you cook dinner, do it!

If Christmas music helps you wrap presents, plug in your speaker and Pandora away.

If wearing an apron and rubber gloves makes you clean, do it. (If wearing a sexy apron makes your spouse clean, even better!)

If paperwork doesn't get done at home, pack it up in a tote, head to your local coffee shop, and fill in forms, balance your checkbook, or do your homework there.

For me, I struggle with cleaning my bedroom and bathroom, because I feel lonely in there. Just asking my husband to hang out (not even to help, but just to chat with me) makes it happen with ease. Having company gets me in the mood to make the area look nice.

Maybe, for you, it's a certain scent (so light a candle) or lighting (so only clean the closets during the day). I know a lot of you only clean when someone is going to visit (or, for bonus points, when Mouse happens).

Gratuitous Mouse Update: Mouse is still with the living. Giftie is still yelling, spontaneously, every time she sees the beta fish swim out of the corner of her eye or finds an elf in her silverware drawer.

There is something that gets you in the mood to do the tasks on your list. So, sure, keep your list up-to-date and reasonably organized in your planner, but pay attention to the cues that help you accomplish tasks with less procrastination and stress. Incorporate those cues into your routine. It will make a difference.

Get in the mood and get it done.



cheliebee said...

I love you ideas and tips, this really helps me focus on how I can get things done and be more efficient. Music always helps with cleaning for me.

Unknown said...

I am a HUGE list maker/procrastinator.......this ARTICLE is getting me in the mood.........

Torrico Family said...

Audiobooks area big help for me in getting housecleaning tasks done. Anything where I don't have to be reading such as homework, paperwork and such, I listen to romance novels and my hands might do the cleaning, but my mind is far far away from the tasks I am working on.

AiseleT said...

I'm an audiobook fan too :) I haven't listened to one in a long while maybe that's why my tasks are building up lol :) I listened to 50 Shades and got so much done at home LoL :) I decided I was not allowed to listen sitting down, I've done this for the last 6 years (since the birth of my baby ) you almost forget the task your doing is tremendously boring and redundant (almost)

joannebu said...

Love this post, I have got thru more boring tasks since I started bullet journalling! Yay go me!
also when its an uber boring task like sorting wardrobes, I get my samsung galaxy tab out and do some netflixing, somehow it stops me from wandering off somewhere in pursuit of something shiny or more interesting!

yezenia said...

I'm definitely a fan of music while cleaning and pretty much everything. It makes the time doing the boring go by much faster.

Diana said...

I am a list maker. I will make several of the same list, don't ask me why. I love crossing things off too. But if a thing is on my list too long, I know it's not getting done. I am also a great procrastinator.

Unknown said...

love your posts. :-)

Gail Morgan said...

What the heck is that elf... THING doing in your cutlery drawer??

Hello. I am a lurking lurker of lurkeriness, but that elf meant I had to comment!

Elaine said...

And what about when you procrastinate on making a list in the first place?

Giftie Etcetera said...

Pretty ink pens? Coffee? Shock therapy? (Just kidding about that last one, though I sometimes suspect it would make me accomplish more. :) )