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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Overload

Seriously, the kids got too much stuff. We'll need a new house to fit it all! The worst culprit is my MIL. She brought more gifts for them than Santa and Alan and I combined. We asked her to wrap all the clothes in one big bag, so that the kids didn't have to open a thousand gifts. She wrapped all the toys in one bag...and each bit of clothes in a separate package. Passive aggressive, inattentive, or both? Hmm.

Ander loves the game Doris and family gave him. We looked at it. We almost bought it. We decided not to. And then he received it, and went crazy playing with it. He also likes the assorted flashlights and Mr. Potato Head.

Alan and I exhausted. And that's with skipping Christmas cards and gatherings with friends this year.



Frog said...

Yes, we have already gone to Goodwill TWICE!

Stac Cole said...

Regift. Save things in the attic and pull them out for birthday parties and such. I'm sure there are things that the kids won't miss....obviously that ginormously huge workbench is not one of them :)

Mathochist said...

We had a very scant Christmas WRT gifts and it was SOOOOOO nice!