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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Resolution

I suspect Alan wants my resolution to involve more sex. Sorry, Alan, that's not it.

I am resolving this year to put things back where they belong. For example, I walk in from work. Purse goes in launchpad area in coat closet, pacifier goes in carrier, carrier goes in living room next to couch, coat and fancy shoes go in their spots in my closet, and phone goes on charger. This is instead of my previous method of dumping everything on the island counter, until sometime later (read: never).

It's simple, should improve my life dramatically (no more searching for a paci at 11 p.m.), and good for others (read: my spouse).

It's not more sex, but c'est la vie.


1 comment:

Mathochist said...

Maybe having a less cluttered house will put you more in the mood? ;)