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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Boys Love Me

It's sort of surprising, really, how much my kids adore me. I'm fine with older kids - gifted with them, even. But I usually suck with little kids. Yet my kids really like me. I mentioned to my sister and two college-aged cousins that I'm a better mom than anyone expected. They all agreed - TOO enthusiastically, I might add. LOL. How bad did they think I would be?

I don't parent the way most people I know parent. In many ways, I'm much more strict. In some ways, I'm much more lenient. I talk to my kids - a lot - but I leave them to learn independence, too. They play or babble or swing or draw, without me, except that I'm there, commenting and asking questions, but not doing it with them. The daddy does things with them. I talk to them about it. I already have started using the word "no" with Loki and warning about timeout. At this point, it's for biting. And I'm no fool...he doesn't understand. But how will he understand if we don't practice? The kids can cuddle in bed with me, during daylight hours. Except for a couple of desperate nights early on, Loki sleeps in his crib. Ander still stays in timeout when told. I don't think he knows there are other options. He he!

Oh, and they both LOVE my singing. Ha ha ha! Best thing ever! I sing with them and they tell me to sing some more. If you've heard me at karaoke night, it's quite a treat. Okay, it sucks. But I LOVE singing and they love listening and singing along.

Loki is learning to say "hey." I say "hey" and he says "hey" in response. He grabs for toys and my face. He looks around. He is so much more developmentally on track than Ander ever was. I guess that is the difference between a three week preemie and a six week preemie.

If only Alan could come around to loving my singing.


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Sammy Jankis said...

Sorry, I just can't bring myself to love your singing. I can't do it. I do love you, though.