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Friday, December 5, 2008

I Split My Pants

Actually, it was my skirt. The LAST suit skirt that actually fit. I was on my way to court, sat down in the car, and R-I-P RIP! This leaves me with zero suits. I have a black skirt and black pants that can be paired with suit jackets, but it's clear they weren't made to go together. Basically, it's not very professional. So I need to get a black and a brown or gray suit, soon. Sucks. Like anyone, especially mom of a toddler and a new baby, has time to shop for a suit right now. Plus, I'm a weird shape, so it will take a lot of trying on.

My dishwasher is still not working. My dad will try again tomorrow, and if he can't fix it, we'll need a tech or a new one. It is/was only two years old. UGH!

The roofing guy is coming to give us an estimate, post-Hurricane-Gustav. I suspect our insurance is trying to way underpay. The appraiser did not even look at the side of our house where all the other houses down the street have the most damage. Opps, I missed it...he said. Sigh. And why can't roofing businesses make an appointment. It's all, "we'll try to stop by Friday." Noon? 5 p.m.? 9 a.m.? Ever heard of an appointment?

At least all four court dates from this week are over. I still have a backlog of work and plan to work part of the day today, but at least it's not so bad as it was yesterday. What a horrible week it was for my childcare to fall through for three days at the last minute!


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Stac Cole said...

Although, this is the best time of year for sales on stuff. Penney's is having a HUGE sale tonight and tomorrow. Me and Bren can come over and play with the boys later if you and Alan want to go and finish up some shopping tonight and get stuff you need for tomorrow.