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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Morning

The rest of you are probably out of bed already. Not me. Oh, I need a shower. And to go to work. And my kid is up. Sitting next to me, chit chatting and playing with blocks. But I'm still in bed.

It's this damn morning sickness. It really is horrible in the morning. It gets bad ocassionally during the day, but in the morning, I need to throw up so bad. With Ander, morning sickness was always in the evening, so this weirds me out. The feeling that you must throw up, or you'll die, but you really, really don't want to throw's a horrible, miserable, evil feeling.

So I'll be getting out of bed - as soon as I am convinced that I won't puke. Or if I have to pee again for the fifth time this morning. Whcihever comes first.


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