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Monday, March 10, 2008

Coffee Shop Ramblings

Before I say anything else, a word to the NY governor accused of getting involved with a prostitution ring. Girlfriend. As in, get one instead of paying one. Seriously.

On to why I'm at a coffeeshop. I'm not sure why, but I get so much more done at PJ's (15 minutes from my office) than my office. I am plowing through a pile of work that should have been done last week, had I been feeling better. The phone doesn't ring every two seconds. I can return calls all at once. And I can drink oj and hot cocoa, which seems to, combined with the Zofran, keep the pukeys away. (It helps that I threw up before work this morning. Once I actually throw up, I always feel better.) And since I have no appetite, I have plenty of allowance to spend on overpriced oj.



Rachel said...

And healthwise, you could do a lot worse than cocoa and oj.

Beorn said...

Gosh, this must really be awful for you. I really, really hope it gets better soon!!!!

As for Spitzer: You HAVE seen pics, right? Slightly more wispy hair, and he could be mistaken for the Cryptkeeper from most angles. I'm not a big "looks" person, but he's seriously scary sometimes, which might mean it's easier to whip out the credit card than to have to stoop to abject begging to facilitate his extramarital affairs.