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Friday, February 22, 2008


Sneezing makes it really hard to type. And to eat. And to breathe. Just saying.

I've noticed that my family doesn't say "bless you" when I sneeze. Others do; they just don't.



Beorn said...

I sure(ly) hope you start feeling better soon!!!! Just typing that seems kind of weak, but I guess it's the only thing I can do. Being sick sucks.

As for sneezing: Every once in a while when I sneeze (not every single time, but especially when I'm sick) I get this sharp, really painful, ache all through my torso and upper arms--it almost paralyzes me temporarily. It goes away in a minute or so, but I've always wondered exactly what causes it. I assume it has something to do with explosive muscle contraction and release, but it would be interesting to learn how and why it actually happens.

Lonely Coyote said...

to beorn: do you have any other pain? and is it only when you sneeze or does it also happen when you cough or hiccup?

to k: I've taken to saying "nothing happens when you die" whenever somebody sneezes. just as a reassurance to some people... *laughs*

Beorn said...

Nope, coyote, I wouldn't say there's any other pain, and it has never happened when I cough or hiccup either. In fact, it generally only happens with particularly violent sneezes. It's a deep, painful ache combined with weakness (I usually feel it most in my shoulders and upper arms, and it makes it hard to move my arms at all). Luckily, it's very short-lived when it happens.