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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quarterlife: A TV Review

A tv show called Quarterlife premiered today. A show about 25 year olds. The perfect age. Makes me feel really, really old.

It's also a show about blogging. Loads of scenes are about blogging about other people. I try not to do that, at least if I think the blogging will be perceived as negative. (Positive things about others are, IMHO, meant to be shared.)

But apart from the dishonesty of the storyline where one purposely blogs negatively about ones friends, it's a really interesting show. The characters are likable. The art is interesting. And the vibe makes me miss my preparent days. Not enough to go back, mind you, but enough to not mind that I waited until my 30s to reproduce.


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Anonymous said...

Well, looks like you can tell the show bye-bye. It drew the worst ratings of any show NBC broadcast in its timeslot in the past 17 years.