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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At Home and Miserable

Last night, I left my mom's group dinner early because I was sneezing and miserable. This morning, I woke up feeling crappy. And now, I have a fever and I feel beat up. My nose is stuffy and my head hurts.

I'm am tempted to go to work anyway. I could actually probably rest more at the office than I can at home, with Ander. But Rachel is coming back today. And I definitely don't want to get preggie lady sick. Plus, it's the whole driving for 30 minutes. I am so groggy and sleepy and muddle-headed, and driving just seems like an impossible obstacle.

I haven't had a cold in forever. Ander's coughing a little, but he doesn't seem sick. Shrug. I guess I just got lucky.


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Anonymous said...

Flu's going around Kristie. Stay home, take some Tylenol, and get some rest. I don't think there's much else to do for 'flu.

Bobbie (LSMSA '92)