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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Need To Clean The House

Not today, but over the next couple of weeks. I have to, because Ander's birthday is coming up, and we'll have company over for his party. Alan's working overtime because of the special session, so we are not around together much at night. And when we are, it's the little bit of free time that we have together, so we end up trying to steal a few minutes together. In the meantime, the mess is piling up.

I would be a horrible SAHM. I need structure in my day, or I get nothing done.

I spoke to a mom's group about wills yesterday. Sometimes I forget that other people (especially other intelligent people) don't know the things I know about wills. It was really cool.



Miss-buggy said...

ok you need to email me what you know about wills. We still don't have one. I know bad. I think you would be a great SAHM. You would figure out how to structure your day. I am pretty sure mine is structured.

Derwinicus said...

I never thought I'd be a good SAHM because of the lack of structure and lack of things to do. Ha! I have plenty to keep me busy and I still do things for enjoyment. We have routines that form our day but we are still flexible to be able to do something out of the ordinary.

When we got back from our holiday we spent 2 whole days cleaning. Yuck! If the house hadn't been such a mess, I would have done things little by little but when it's so bad, you just have to tackle it head-on, you know? So what do you have planned for Ander's birthday?