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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Game Plan

OKay, I've done most of my Sunday Game Plan. On Sundays, Alan and I grocery shop and I cook my one big meal (usually a freezer meal) for the week and cut the grass. Shopping. Check. Cooking stew. Check. Cutting grass. Check. But now I'm also planning meals for the week - check, planning clothing for the week - no check :(, and setting up my chore schedule (one big deep clean...I think the tub and toilets this week, one PITA chore that I've been avoiding...this week I'll probably clean off the back porch or go through Ander's outgrown clothes, and a fifteen minute quick clean everyday of whatever needs it most, plus a daily chore such as a load of dishes, or sweeping, or take out trash, or laundry) - check.

Hopefully, this will make my week much smoother.



Anonymous said...

It's really gonna suck for you when it gets to the time of year when the grass has to be cut twice a week ;)

Janelle smells said...

Yeah.. I have big plans too :P