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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Butt

I promised Rach B. that I would start with a poll. How many moms/dads actually have kept track of their babies' milestones and when they occurred? I haven't, except for on my blog (which I did print out/am printing out, so that counts, right?). I guess I treasure time with my child more than time spent behind a camera lens or writing tidbits in a baby book. But I'm sure others totally disagree, so I'm looking for feedback. (Of course, Ander has the world's most camera-happy Daddy, so there are still lots of pics.)

On to The Butt. I usually don't talk directly on my blog about person that I know in real life who are recognizable. But someone I once knew has been a butt, so I feel compelled to speak of him again. I won't use his name, but if he happens to read this (fat chance), I won't be upset. :)

My ex-boss, the one I couldn't stand, let go of one of my friends, who I respect as a person and as a GREAT attorney. He waited until she had to have emergency surgery. He promised her that he would hold her job until the doctor cleared her to work (something she did not ask for, BTW - she was perfectly willing to resign because she realized that losing an associate attorney for several weeks was a hardship on the business). The week before she was to return, the secretary called her to get her things. Suddenly, she was told she "doesn't communicate well." Ha! That's what he told me when I gave notice. He is so slimey (and he doesn't communicate well). If he would have been straight with her, it would have been one thing, but he lied. And then acted like it was her fault.

He needs a secretary (credit my friend for that great observation), not a lawyer/employee. Oh, and some mood drugs and much solitude. :) He is The Butt.

Luckily, all my other bosses have spoiled me. Luckily, or maybe through my keen sense of self-perservation, I left before he could rotate me out like he does all new attorneys when they realize what a bad, unethical lawyer he really is. Luckily, he taught me how to be a better boss (or so Rach B. tells me {blushing}).

I shall never work for The Butt (or his equivalent) again.



Mamaebeth said...

poll: yes and no. i wrote/write them in my blog. i didn't print all my old blogs out, but i save all the JD relevant info in a word document. (hmm, now i need to edit it) my plan is to print the info onto index cards and slip them into the empty places in his photo album. lazy woman's scrapbooking if you will.

Frog said...

Well, I'm lazy too. Although not much has happened, but I haven't written anything down either. My doctor does give me these cute little cards at the well visits with weight, length, head measurement and percentiles. I plan on doing something with them? Not sure what... He laughs and I guess I could have written when that happened, but I'm so busy and tired that I haven't really had time. He rolled over once too, but I think that was a fluke.

Rachel said...

I wrote down his milestones when I remembered them. It was kind of random. I like the idea, but the execution is hard.

Anonymous said...

Yes and no. She has a baby book, that I wrote some stuff in, but other sections are blank. I mostly did it because I remember as a kid enjoying looking through my baby book. But I'm not being obsesive. And at this point, most of the photo's are electronic only... Plus my blog of course.

Anonymous said...

Depends on the child... S#1 we documented everything. S#2 will wonder if we even noticed!

J in Kansas