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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Right Planner for Everyone on Your Gift List

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A dedicated day planner user - also known around these parts as a plannerd - might ask, "why would I ever buy a day planner for someone else as a gift?"

After all, if you are a Loyal Reader of Giftie Etcetera, you likely already use a planner tailored to you and your needs. That's the goal, anyway. You understand that a planner is a very personal item.

This year, I'm challenging you to share that love of planners with someone in your life who might either need or truly appreciate it!

Since every plannerd (or potential plannerd) is unique, I'll try to share some interesting planners that you might not know about and the unique aspects of each of these planners with you.

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Bonus points if you find a new planner for you!

The Happy Planner

You might have heard of this planner, which debuted within the last year.

It's about 8" x 10", with rings that you can customize and lots of available accessories. It's simple to add and subtract pages, so you can treat it a lot like a ring bound planner.

The base model runs about $20 and comes with weekly and monthly views.

Happy Planner

Refillable Leather Journal

Okay, I'm cheating. This $50, about 4" x 7" leather journal, is filled with lined craft paper. It's not a planner. But it is ring-bound, so it could be used that way!

What a wonderful gift for a man who likes to travel, a college guy (just add some weekly planner pages, since it is hole-punched just like a Franklin compact or a Filofax personal), or a boss or co-worker. It comes with a gorgeous box for gifting.

Honestly, I'm thinking of putting it on my own Christmas wish list. I LOVE the clasp.

Refillable Leather Journal

Orange Circle Studio Paris Is Always a Good Idea Planner

You've already met this planner. I use her for my own monthly and weekly inserts (by pulling her apart).

At about $12 and 4" x 6", it's the perfect starter planner for any woman or teenager to tuck into a handbag or backpack.

There is also a Woodland Tales version that is great for guys.

Orange Circle Planner

NotePro Undated Daily Planner

For anyone with a full-time job who wants to make a daily plan separate from their personal planner, this undated daily notebook is an excellent gift.

If you follow the link, you can check out the layout - vertical schedule, 12 action items, a phone log, and a full notebook sized lined page.

It's the perfect daily planning notebook for about $20. And since it is notebook sized, it slips right into a briefcase or leather bag.

NotePro Undated Daily Planner

Kate Spade New York 2016 Medium Agenda with So Well Composed Pen Set Bundle (Black Stripe)

At $50, this bound monthly/weekly planner is pricey (for only one year of use, as opposed to something like a leather Filofax cover that could be used year after year).

But it is perfect for the females in the office, a young adult in college or starting her career, or anyone with a taste for fashion (with some form thrown in for good measure).

(Note that you can get a ring-bound that looks much like this one from FranklinCovey for about $70. No inserts are included, but the binder can be used year after year.)

Kate Spade Agenda Planner

Daycraft Executive Daily Diary, Dark Blue

My favorite thing about this 6" x 8.5" monthly/weekly planner is the cool little closure.

The layout is a horizontal weekly. It costs about $36 and comes in many colors.

It's a great moderately priced gift for anyone.

Daycraft Executive Daily Diary

Kate Spade New York Wellesley Leather Zip Around Personal Planner

The most expensive planner of the bunch, I think of this planner as the "girlfriend" planner.

Guys, it's a brilliant gift to wrap under the tree for a lady receiving an engagement ring. It's classy (even comes with 14-carat gold plated hardware), easy to carry, comes with inserts, and doesn't look like a little box, so she won't guess that she's getting a diamond with it.

Tell her you love her and thought it would help with wedding planning.

I promise she will love it!

Kate Spade Planner

Those were the pretty planners that would make the best gifts, but I also noticed plenty of planners that are inexpensive but well-made, had interesting or new layouts, or were just too cool to not share. 

Go exploring these links and check out the cool stuff that is out there for 2016!

Moleskine Weekly Notebook, Hard Cover (5 x 8.25)

PlanAhead Organizer

Weekly / Monthly Appointment Book

FranklinCovey Clutch Her Point of View Wire-bound Weekly Planner

Smartly Designed Daily Planner

Purple Chevron Stripe Faux Leather Zippered Inspirational Executive Planner

Ultimate Weekly Planner

It's That Kinda Day

Let us know in the comments if you decide to order a particular one, for who (even if it's you), and why.


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Anonymous said...

I see a couple I'd like to gift myself with - :)! That refillable journal IS gorgeous and I love the layout of the Smartly Designed Daily Planner, though the zig-zag design is a bit much. Need to see if it comes in other designs.

Unknown said...

I got myself the Happy Planner "Stay Happy Kit" and also the Happy Planner Fitness kit" my daughter in-law fell in love with the fitness one so I got her one as a gift and she said she would use it as a personal planner plus fitness, I also got my sister the Franklin Covey Compact planner like yours for work at Office Depot for $7 due to the store closing. I went back the same day and bought myself the same one since I have the A5 size and thought I would give the compact size a try. I loved it so much that I am using it already. and I watch your videos for ideas. It's just like your floral one but mine is all burgandy/brown! Now my niece went and bought the Happy Planner and she bought it more for home life and decorating. We all love our planners and we were supposed to wait till Christmas to use them but we couldn't wait!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

"Plannerds" haha! That's awesome. Totally checking a couple of these out for myself.... and you need to write a whole post telling guys how to propose with that spiffy one, because boys need these things spelled out for them. ;P

Unknown said...

Happy Planner all the way! Love it

Anna said...

This makes me want to buy myself a new planner, because there are so many fun ones. But the one I have now is working great. I'm thinking about getting the Woodland Tales planner for my youngest for Christmas. My other two have planners that run the academic year. I am also considering getting the Moleskine one for my husband. He keeps his calendar digitally, but he has started frequently using a "to-do" notebook, and he likes the Moleskine journals.

Jaime Barfield said...

My teenage son is a huge walking dead fan. So, I ordered him a 2016 planner from Amazon. It is just weekly, but it will be perfect for him and his schedule. I would recommend it as a cool gift for a teen or young adult that is a fan of the tv series.

Unknown said...

Hey! I love reading about Planners! This is a fantastic list. I created my own planner a few months ago. I'd love for you to check it out. Take care, Kailea

Anonymous said...

I am now using two planners -- not by choice. I use a Day Timer binder with Franklin-Covey inserts, "Her Point of View" in monthly and weekly layout in the DT bonder. The second binder is a nice soft black leather, also from Day Timer, which I won when I beta tested their PIM software back in the late 90s. These things last "forever". I am using "Planner Fun" inserts in it because Becky's designs totally work for that binder's purpose. I run the Senior Center's transit program using that binder and my cell phone.

Can you tell that I love planners? My husband uses one. My daughter uses one. My only client uses one. My friends refer to me as the "lady with the planner".

Dianne in the Desert