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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Live Blogging Thanksgiving

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How do you get your Loyal Readers to tune in to your blog on Thanksgiving Day?

Why, an event, of course!

For years, my Facebook friends have been urging me to write a book about the funny and cool things my kids say. 

In high school newspaper class, we kept all such sayings anonymous and called them "Overheards."

kid, cute kid, It Wasn't Me t-shirt, It Wasn't Me Shirt

For Thanksgiving, I'll be live blogging some of the best overheads my family (and extended family) can muster. 

My side of the family is from near Cajun country and my mother-in-law is from, well, Country country, so this should be a blast. (Hint: if it involves britches, I probably didn't say it.)

I should warn them...bwa ha ha...but this way is better. I'll get to find out who really reads my blog, when I quote them (anonymously, of course)!

I'm off to get some early Black Friday shopping done (on-line, obviously), but will keep updating this post throughout Thanksgiving Day as funny things come flying out of unsuspecting mouths!

So bookmark this link and keep refreshing for updates! The fun starts soon now.


I didn't try to poop on that. And if I did, I was wearing pants. -Anonymous


I'm very Muggleish that way. -Anonymous


Look at that lady. She must be at least 102. Maybe she is the species of Yoda. 
-Anonymous, very loudly, while standing right in front of said lady


I think I'm starting to like ham. -Anonymous, watching me add brown sugar, maraschino cherries, and Sprite


Can I bring E-mail to Thanksgiving? -Anonymous Kid Too Young to Really Use a Computer

What is e-mail? -Anonymous Parent

My rubber ducky! -Anonymous


Baby, it's not E-mail. It's Hymel.

I call them like I hear them. -Anonymous


@$#%!&@%!+@&%%#+@%&!+$/@+&# -Anonymous Grown Woman

Mama! She cussed at me! -Anonymous Grown Sister of Woman


Remember when Facebook had a link on your timeline to your wife, and you could just pop over to their timeline whenever? -Anonymous Husband

That was nice. Maybe Facebook thinks we are divorcing?  -Anonymous Loving, Sexy Wife

You think it's algorithm is that good? -Anonymous Husband Who'd Better Buy His Loving, Sexy Wife Some Reassurance Chocolates


You need to wear tights. -Anonymous Judgey Sister

Take a picture and let your readers vote. -Anonymous Judgey Sister Following Up


Is it a boy or a girl? -Mom

Sigh. Stop it, Mom. I am not pregnant!


Kristy, I've got some belly button lint. Come take it out. Take a picture!-Anonymous Brother-in-Law


Turn that light back on.-Anonymous Brother-in-Law

{Sticks out her booty and slaps it a couple of times right in his face} - My Mother, Who Lost Her Right To Be Anonymous During The "Are You Pregnant" Incident of 2015.


You cut your hair. I love it. -Anonymous 

No. I washed it. -Anonymous, Blandly


When I left the house, my hair was still wet. 
-Anonymous Teenager

When did you last wash your hair?  -Anonymous Grown Up

Like five minutes before that. -Anonymous Teenager


Men are better than women. You can tell because God made men first. 
-Anonymous Grown Up

Everybody needs a first draft. -Anonymous Teenager 


Now your hair looks like your uncle's. 
-Anonymous To A Child

Look around the room. I am the ONLY man with hair, so who do you WANT to look like? -Anonymous Uncle 


Your daughter-in-law is more stubborn than you. -Anonymous Daughter-in-Law *might have been me*

I see that. -Anonymous Mother-in-Law


If you shoot me, I will come back and haunt you. -Anonymous Maw Maw


We almost crashed! A raccoon almost ran out ahead of us. -Anonymous

A suicidal raccoon! -Anonymous


I was looking for my keys. Couldn't find them. Husband suggested I look in my purse. Guess what? They were right where they belong. Then, my mother-in-law did the same exact thing. Lost keys. Looked in purse. They were right there! -Anonymous Daughter-in-Law *might have been me*

Alan, you married your mom! -Anonymous 


You made these ornaments out of towel? -My Mother, Sounding Very South Louisiana

Towel? What's towel? Oh, tile! -Anonymous House Guest


I read all those Christmas romances. They put me in the mood. - My Mother

I read them, too, but I'm sure not in the Christmas mood. -Anonymous Mother-in-Law

I don't think my mom meant that mood. - Anonymous Daughter

{Mom grins and doesn't even have the decency to look sheepish.}


{Name redacted} had to leave to go poo.
 - Anonymous Sister


Only three things stress me out, and one of them is spending small amounts of money.
 - Anonymous Husband

What's numbers 2 and 3? - Anonymous


Les Miles. He's got to be number 2! - Anonymous


{Insert inappropriate joke here}. Is that going on the blog? That should go on the blog.
 - Anonymous 

No, it's a family-friendly blog. - Giftie

{Insert whining here}. - Anonymous


{Insert inappropriate image of a turkey here}. Is that going on the blog? That should go on the blog.
 - Anonymous 

No, it's a family-friendly blog, plus I'd be stealing their photo. - Giftie

{Insert whining here}. - Anonymous


I did eat Thanksgiving food. Fudge, cherries, and pie!
 - Anonymous Picky Eater


I'll have some of everything! Oh, and more of that, that, that...and that and that. Oh, and I'll try some hog head cheese.
 - Anonymous Picky Eater's Brother


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Unknown said...

The Yoda comment is probably one of the best compliments a person could ever receive. Yoda lived to be forever, just about, and he was a crazy smart little dude (though he played with riddle-y language a bit too much). If I get to the point where I'm super old (no offense to said lady) and someone says in anyway that I'm like Yoda, I'd tell all my friends xD

Unknown said...

Yoda would be proud! LOL

My son got a bicycle on his 7th birthday. His 93-year-old grandfather took it for a spin around the yard, and my son's eyes grew as large as dinner plates. When Grandpa returned the bike to him, he asked my son if he thought old men should ride bicycles. My son, in his excitement, shouted, "Grandpa! You're not old until you're AT LEAST 105!"

Nana said...

I was grocery shopping with my Young son and he was walking ahead of me passing by a older man. When he stated really loud, eeewwww I think someone crapped their pants mom!
The older gent just kept walking.

That older gentleman just kept walking.

Anna said...

This is better than the Macy's Day parade. :)

Katherines Corner said...

what a creative and total giggle worthy post. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

Dominick said...

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