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Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Gift Shopping With Your Planner

I am constantly encouraging you to either create a Christmas planner or use the Project pages in your planner to plan your holidays.

I also almost ALWAYS carry my planner with me.

But in the mall, I get tired of carrying a heavy purse. I want a lightweight crossbody bag instead.

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I've found a simple solution.

I bring my planner to the mall, of course. 
After all, a friend might call and ask me to meet her for dinner. I need to be able to check my calendar. I might buy a gift for a relative and my sisters might owe me money for it. I might need a planner.

But I leave the planner in the car!


Seriously, that's just what I do. Of course, I still need my Christmas list with me. 

If you need help with your last minute Christmas shopping, check out these gift guides!


put a binder clip around the Christmas project pages, add a sticky note for any information that I want to transfer to my planner later, and throw a pen in my bag.

Only those pages go in my crossbody bag. It's much lighter, I have all my Christmas lists with me, and I can copy things into my planner as soon as I get back to the car.


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Anonymous said...

I try to switch to a wristlet when I go to the mall because my tote is just too cumbersome. In addition to my list, I also carry a kraft pocket notebook and pen for anything I have to make note of, etc. that needs to be transferred to my planner. I did that on Thanksgiving as well when I switched to a smaller purse.

Maybe take snapshots of your December weekly pages and keep the photos on your phone in case you need to commit to an appointment when you don't have your planner. This way you can view the week in question on your phone before you say yes or no, then transfer the date to your planner once you get home.

Anna said...

Good idea. I don't like to carry my planner when doing major shopping either, so a lot of time just the list walks around with me. I found the phone is such a good way to take a picture of something that you want to remember whey you don't have time to write it down or don't have your planner with you.

Jaime Barfield said...

I have a projects section for Christmas in my planner. Menus, card list, gift list, etc. Since I have started doing a huge amount of my shopping in my pjs in front of the computer, I just open my planner beside me. For those rare occasions when I decide to venture out to Christmas shop, I will make a quick list of the gift I am hunting and who it is for.

I strongly recommend online shopping for the plannerds! It is so convenient and you can complete other tasks in the process of browsing.

Mary Wimbley said...

Amen to online shopping! :D But I have to say, I love the binder clip idea, too. Instead of Christmas shopping, though, I'm going to start using it for everyday shopping and errands.

A couple of days ago, I decided to go back to one planner for everything, as opposed to keeping a separate planner for budgeting, errands, and holiday planning. Having two separate planners just wasn't working. However, combining two planners into one means I'm now carrying a much bulkier planner. Using binder clips just might help me reach that happy medium I've been striving for in my planner journey! Thanks for the tip! :)

Anonymous said...

such a simple idea. love it!

Pasta Accessories said...

Thanks foor sharing