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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Comprehensive Guide to Organizing Tasks in a Planner

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Some people plan with just a calendar and a to do list.

On any given day, that's a good plan.

But over time, organizing your tasks is a more efficient and effective way to plan.

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The above picture shows my daily plan for a Saturday, on a hot list

TIP: Draw an arrow or X out the day once you've moved information to a daily plan.

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Blooms Daily Page

A simple daily plan shows your tasks for today only. That's its weakness.

It can't account for a task that doesn't need to be done for three weeks or until sometime before Christmas.

A planner is better for actual planning of when and where you will do tasks. 

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This is a FC Kenzie Planner (also available in navy). I'm pretty much in lust!

Instead of a simple to do list, I use a system of four different task lists.

*Dashboard = for tasks over the next three months 

*Project (Tasks) = for someday/maybe tasks

*Project (Daily) = for daily/household tasks 

*Weekly = for all current month's tasks

It sounds complicated in writing, but as you can tell in my You Tube video, it's a pretty simple, straightforward system.

After you watch the video, consider setting up your tasks list in a way that makes more sense than just making a list each day.

This To Do List is a great size for hole-punching and putting in a Franklin Planner Compact binder.

I welcome you to read more about dealing with tasks on Giftie Etcetera. Over the years, I've comprehensively covered almost everything you need to know about task planning.

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Patricia said...

I plan my daily/weekly/monthly layouts exclusively with task management in mind! It gives me a sense of urgency knowing what tasks need to be done today, and also a bit of heads up for the tasks for the rest of the week. I am just failing to integrate my monthly and beyond, so my view is rather short-sighted in that sense.

Becky said...

After seeing your list, I have decided that I must have copied it when I made my "mini daily page". Anyway, it works well for me!

Becky said...

(I meant to say, "after seeing your *hot* list".)

Anonymous said...

I keep a running Master Task List of everything that comes to mind. If it's dated, but I'm in the month of September and it doesn't need to be done until January, then I note the due date next to it so when I'm ready to plan January I refer to the Master List (which I pretty much do on a regular basis) and move it over. Anything non-urgent and non-dated, but needs to get done because I'm tired of looking at it (LOL) gets moved to my daily pages until it gets done

Jaime Barfield said...

I have a master task list for things that I need to get done at some point, a daily to do list of things that I do every day, and of course appointments. MY appointments are always on my weekly pages along with any television show I might find time to watch. When I create my daily page, I move the appointments on to the calendar of my daily page, then create my task list down below. I always list my every day tasks first. Because I do my planning of the day early that morning or the night before, this has been working for me.

Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond said...

I have a master list that I keep running plus daily to do lists. A great post to help us stay organised and plan which I believe is the hardest thing for bloggers to do! Thanks for sharing at #AnythingGoes