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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Amazon Wish Lists (and How to Use Them)

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If you shop on Amazon and aren't using it to create Wish Lists, you are missing out on an excellent organization tool.

When you are shopping on Amazon, if you have Wish Lists set up and don't want to buy yet, you can just click on "Add to Wish List."

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This pictorial shows you how to create a wish list:

off topic, technology, Amazon, organize, wish lists, Christmas wish list, Christmas gifts

To create a Wish List:

*select "Create a Wish List,"

*name your Wish List,

*set it as Private, Shared, or Public, and

*select the yellow "Create a Wish List" button.

I have tons of different lists.

Private Lists

For my private lists, I have things like lists of items I purchase over and over (including such intensely private things as my favorite pair of undies).

I also have lists of things I plan to buy for others, like my Christmas gifts for my husband or for friends and family.

You can have as many lists as you would like, so make a grocery list, a yearly supplies list (like planner refills and batteries for fire extinguishers), or a gardening/hobby list.

Shared Lists

Shared lists are great for giving Grandma ideas for the kids for birthdays (just send her the link when she asks what to buy), wedding or baby registries, or to share ideas with a group.

Here's an example of my 
Giftie Etcetera Wish List, filled with planner supplies, so that you can see an example.

(NOTE: Please don't buy anything from this list. 

1) It would be shipped to me and not to you!

2) It's stuff I already own.)

Just share the Wish List link with someone and they can access your Wish List.

TIP: Have one of these for household items that you share with your spouse. That way, you can order everything at once, especially if you aren't Amazon Prime members and need to meet a certain threshold to ship for free.

Public Lists

Anyone can see a public list. They just have to search your name.

I search for friends' names all the time when picking out gifts for them.

The coolest thing about Amazon lists? When a friend buys something off your list, you can't tell (unless you tweak the settings). But others who access your list won't see that item as an option! Once you receive the item, you can easily delete it from the list.

These lists are a lifesaver at Christmas time. Anyone who calls asking for ideas for my kids gets an Amazon link, with a list of ideas.

So, as you start your holiday planning, make sure to create some Amazon lists. It will make shopping much easier!


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AdriansCrazyLife said...

Guilty confession. I use Amazon's reminder service to help me remember ALL my birthdays, including my own grandchildren.

Cori said...

I love the Amazon wish lists! I pile items in there all the time. I didn't know I could make different lists though. That's good to know. Now I can go reorganize the list. Thanks for info, Giftie!

Jaime Barfield said...

This is neat! I have stuff I plan to get my kids but I didn't realize you cld make those lists. Awesome

Anna said...

Just before reading this, I was adding some things for ideas for the kids Christmas presents to my wish lists. They are handy. One of my friends had a "shower" for a guest housing mission hospital where she would be volunteering. We all bought things from the list, and it was more fun and more personal than money.

Crystal Green said...

I have several different kinds of wish lists. I love to create them because it helps make life easier for when I do my Christmas/birthday shopping. I love the fact that I can share my wish lists with others. I'm sure many people will benefit from learning about how to make them.

Brien Louque said...

You can also add items from other websites on Amazon (useful if it's something on Etsy or another site where that's the only place it's available). You can install a browser extension using one of the official Amazon extensions: The one caveat I will say - since it's on another site Amazon has no way to know if someone actually purchases the item without the person coming back to the wishlist to note that they have purchased it. I usually will put something in the comment for that item indicating that.