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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why Planner Layouts Matter

There are three things that you should see at all times in your planner's weekly spread:

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1. Today

Obviously, you should be able to see today so you can complete today's tasks.

2. Tomorrow

I like to see tomorrow. That way, I can easily add tasks that I cannot get to today. Also, it lets me know if tomorrow is really busy and I should do even more today.

You should consider making sure you can always see tomorrow.

3. Weekly Tasks

If your weekly tasks disappear, how will you ever accomplish them?


It takes a little bit of shuffling to make such a layout system work, but you can do it with a few tricks.

***Double hole punch daily pages.

They can easily move left and right, as needed, if there are holes on both edges of the paper.

***Use sticky notes for weekly tasks on the page finder.

Since the notes can be repositioned on the front or back of the page finder, this works really well.

***On days with a daily page, set up so tomorrow is visible.

***On days using a weekly box only, set up so today and tomorrow are both uncovered, when possible.

Sometimes, that won't be possible. But whenever it is, move around daily dockets and sticky notes so that you can see both days.


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pattygardner.com said...

I've always used two pages per day so it wasn't possible to see tomorrow. It's a good idea, though. Seeing tomorrow also allows you to plan ahead if there's something you need to do today to prepare for tomorrow.

Carla said...

I use a Week on 2 Pages vertical layout, FC Compact 4.25", which is usually sufficient. However, sometimes I need to flesh things out with more information. I'll then insert a daily docket page, cut to FF Personal size 3.75". This way, I still see what's happening today and don't have far to look for the rest of the week. So far, this is working for me. As life changes, this may have to change.

Unknown said...

I wish I could manage being that organized and thoughtful. Instead, it just tends to get me all worked up. I need to focus on what needs to get done today - anything else is gravy. There are far too many days where even the stuff for that day doesn't get done, let alone worrying about tomorrow or the rest of the week. Then again, that's my own silly brain working it's way against me xD

muzsi said...

o, yes, this is, what I'm trieing to achieve with my inserts, I'm making for myself. I'm not done yet, I experimenting :DI will see my whole week, and I want to write only on the right side, so I keep the daily always on the right side (double punched, as by you). But a whole week on one page - not too much space. My next try will be only 5 working days on the left, and weekend on the right... then I have some place for notes...

Songbird said...

It's not silly at all - I totally agree.

I wish women were less prone to putting themselves down when they have an opinion that doesn't necessarily go with the crowd...

Giftie Etcetera said...

Jessica, you are so wise to know what works for you! Many people can't achieve that no matter how hard they try! :)