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Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Chore Chart Like You've Never Seen Before

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Today's flashback considers a system that I used, discarded for technology, and think I might return to doing in my planner instead.

The truth is that a check mark on-line is just not the same as checking something off in my planner.

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I used to handle household chores in my planner, but I moved to an app. Big mistake! I rarely glance at the app.

Instead, I'm going to revert to my old way of tracking household chores. Read about the plan to tackle household chores here.

TIP: This chart also works for getting fit (with goal items such as workout, stay under calorie count, eat 3 veggies, check weight) or any other routine set of activities.

Order some graph paper or print some out and join me with your own Household Chores tracking chart.


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Edel said...

I do this with my reoccurring tasks and just about any other kind of task! Honestly, this sort of tracking system has almost replaced by monthly pages. Maybe it's because I'm a student and I find myself in a rhythm that repeats from week to week. Apps never have helped me with these reoccurring tasks. My phone and tablet already distract me enough as it is!

Anonymous said...

I just created a color coded cleaning schedule giving a different color to each assigned day. Problem with that is I got overly ambitious yesterday and began cleaning things assigned to another day, but had no way of tracking that those items were done so I dont clean them again on the assigned say. I think a checklist is more the way to go rather than locking in certain cleaning on certain days. With the checklist, I can do what I have time for that day and check it off on that date so u can visually see when it was done last.

Mary Wimbley said...

Ooh! I have graph paper in my stash! Finally, an excuse to use it! lol

Seriously, though, I also have that master cleaning checklist I mentioned on my own blog awhile back. It came as a full-size page, but I shrank it down to fit my planner. I can still use it as a reference, but for checking off the actual tasks, I like your idea much better! :)

Candice said...

Popping over from Small Victories Sunday Link-up & so pleased I found you - I Have started to look for a way to incorporate regular tasks into my bullet journal - I think you have inspired me to create a little printable that can be stuck in each week (I quickly loose patience if I have to rule something, other than my page up every week)
Once it is done, I will make sure to share it so others can benefit from it too! Thankyou

aprilsatelier said...

Since I follow Flylady's cleaning schedule and get each day's plan and tasks the night before, I just put that day's cleaning to-do on my daily planner page. It's just 1 or 2 items.

The general weekly cleaning, which takes me about 75 minutes if I've kept up with the daily tasks, is on a list on my phone for quick reference. :-)

Purfylle said...

You totally need to go with the system that works best for you with chores. For me I've tried both paper and online planners but in the end simply assigning a task to a day so I would just know what I'm supposed to do that day has worked out the best for me. There is definitely something more visceral about crossing off a task on paper though!

pattygardner.com said...

I like it!

A Kansas Farm Mom said...

I am the same way with technology. My lists on paper are so much more likely to get done. Thanks for linking up to the Country Fair Blog Party this month. I do hope you will join us again on the first.