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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Organize Your Day with a Planner

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Go get your planner or your notebook. I'll wait...

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Got it? Okay, now either turn to a blank page or schedule 15 minutes at the computer later, get your pen ready to take notes, and watch my newest video here.

I hope you learn something new!


P.S. I promise the video is so much more than a mere list of supplies, but for those of you who are always asking where I got certain things, here are the links to the supplies that are featured in the video:

Weekly/Monthly Pages 

Zipper Pouch 

Day-Timer Hot Lists 

Owls Page Markers

The Owl Page Makers are under $3!

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Jaime Barfield said...

Awesome video. Very helpful. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Again you prove that "Great minds think alike", and, that keeping things simple means there is a better chance of them getting done.

Seriously, I use my planner pretty much the same way that you use yours, but without the items related to having children in school. Those days are over for me. Now I track appointments for three people all trying to use one car. Yes, life gets interesting at times...

I liked your no-nonsense approach and the way you presented your topic. You really are quite good at this! I will pass the word...

Dianne in the desert

Anonymous said...

I really love your videos - seeing you and your planner in action. You always come up with some little hack or idea to simplify things

Anna said...

I enjoyed the video. :) I need to take a little more time first thing in the morning to make sure I have what I need in the planner. Mostly, I make a list at the end of one week for the next week, and then tweak it throughout the week. My morning is generally set (bfast, homeschool), then I check at some point in the morning. But I think it would be better to check at breakfast- or before- just to keep in the habit. Also, I love those owl clips. I think I need some of those.