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Monday, September 7, 2015

My Project Is Finished...Now What?

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Whether your project is a craft, a term paper, a work event, or a birthday party, there is a feeling of relief when it is done.

After all, you use a planner at least partly for the satisfaction of checking off tasks, right?

But is it really done? Have you completed everything necessary to move on?

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Once a project is complete, there are three steps that you should take before moving on.

1. Delete from the Projects section of your planner.

As you can see in the picture, I simply delete projects that are complete with a squiggly line. That way, I have an archive of what I have accomplished. 

TIP: If the completion date matters, add that next to the squiggly line.

Don't have a Projects section in your planner or on-line in a system like OneNote or Evernote? You should consider creating a system.

Find out how to make a system in your planner by clicking here

2. Toss the project notes/folder/things if the project will never repeat.

If you will never do this project again, toss all the non-reusable stuff.

For example, when my child makes his First Communion this year, I'll have lots of tasks - renting a suit, sending out invites, making a special dinner, going to practices, ordering and wrapping a gift. But he is my youngest child, so I will never do this again.

After the project is complete, I will never do it again. Almost everything about the project can be tossed - the planning pages, the file of prayers to practice, and the guidelines about what to wear.

Note that even for a non-repeating project, some things won't get tossed.

I will keep a picture of the planning pages (in case my sister needs a template when her kid has First Communion), the file itself (emptied out, to file the next project in), and the silver gift wrap (to wrap wedding gifts). I will also keep the receipt for the tux with my receipts to track in my budget.

3. File or put away things that you are required to keep a record of or that will be reused.

If you will repeat this project (say, the annual report of the budget) or if you need to have a record (for example, yearly tax returns), have a good filing system.

My Project pages from my planner, along with my monthly and weekly planner pages, go into a decorative boxes like these.

My files go into a simple file box.

If it's a craft, have a nice place to store the reusable or extra supplies. I have drawers in my coffee table that are perfect for extra crafting supplies, but a shelf or closet would work well, too.

TIP: If you are hiding craft supplies in a new-to-you location (or if, like me, you are getting forgetful), create a File page in your planner for "Locations." Jot the location there.

For example, you can write, "craft paper and crafting glue - 3rd left desk drawer, under extra manilla folders."

At this point, you are TRULY done with your project. Congratulations on completing something!


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Anonymous said...

You really give me some ideas to consider regarding filing/indexing in your planner. I think my husband needs that 'location' page - oh, wait....maybe if he had a planner (an appointment book that he barely looks at doesn't count) it would be helpful! I do have A-Z dividers for phone numbers/email addresses in my new compact for when I have to downsize. Was considering slotting any loose planner pages I have indexed (ie: Yard Work, House Projects, Purchases) into the appropriate alpha section.

Now off to see where I've got what stashed!! (note: crafting/wrapping stuff is in a long, rectangular box under the bed down!)

Giftie Etcetera said...

I do two A-Z system (though I use the index system in the link so I don't have the bulk of A-Z dividers). Projects go in the front of my planner - yard work, purchases - but Notes to file go in the back - like Locations page.

JES said...

Thank you for sharing your tips on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! There is nothing like crossing off an item on the list! :)