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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why I Use a Cheaper Planner

For Christmas 2013, I received a Franklin Covey Boston. (Read about it here.) I loved it. Creamy, smooth light blue leather. So soft. So spacious.

Yet, by Christmas 2014, I was back in my cheap, vinyl, Franklin Covey Flourish. (Read about it here.)

A Loyal Reader asked why.

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The answer is pretty simple.

The cheaper Flourish is thinner in width, so it fits in my bag better.

It's vinyl and sturdy, so it wipes clean (unlike the grime covered Boston).

And I don't worry abut overuse!

Sometimes, a cheaper planner can mean freedom to power plan.


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Carla said...

Yup, I have a green Boston and absolutely love it. Lately though, it's gotten too heavy. Soon it will be diet time, and then move back into either my vinyl Daytimer or FC zipped 365. It's great that they're both lightweight and easily cleaned and don't require special handling.

Mary Wimbley said...

I currently have a DayRunner e-runner. It is awesomely lightweight. In my closet, I have two Franklin Coveys, one of which could double as a purse and the other with retractable handles. (Not sure of their exact names. lol) Both are sadly heavy and bulky. I'd bought them from my best friend with intentions to use them for specific purposes, but just haven't used them yet. I had thought about turning the purse planner into an errand/coupon binder. As for the other one, still not sure. Really not sure about either of them. It may be time to bless someone else with them. Going to talk to my BFF about it. :)

Jaime Barfield said...

I am currently using a daytimer with Franklin Covey refills. I love the purple cover of my planner, but my refills have to be specific for me to be happy.

booker. k said...

I use a Filofax Apex which the Filofax community does not like. I do because like your Florish it can be wiped clean and I don't have to be precious about it. Which means it can go any where with me.

Anna said...

Practical is the way to go. :) I have to be able to use mine and shove it in and out of the bag, etc.

pattygardner.com said...

I absolutely agree. I really like those cheaper planners. They're colorful and have everything you need. My first two binders from Franklin Covey were the open vinyl binders with 1" rings. They worked just fine and I never even considered any of the others. Once I jumped on the more expensive binder bandwagon, I've struggled. Maybe it's a coincidence - I don't know.

I do not pamper my binder so I wouldn't want to spend big bucks on one. I use them hard and as long as they last. I've had my green Her Point of View for at least six or seven years. It's looking pretty beat up but it works, so I'll keep using it.

titancia said...

Sometimes I like my cheaper planners because I'm not afraid to test things on them--stuffing them full, putting in clips, letting them get banged around, etc.