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Monday, July 6, 2015

4 Types of Planners: How They Use a Weekly Spread

As the vast amount of planner porn available on-line shows, everyone has their own planner style. Open up a thousand weekly planner spreads and you will see a thousand different ways to use a planner.

Knowing how you prefer to use a planner is valuable in deciding how you will use your weekly spread to plan. If you are consistent (no matter your underlying style), you are less likely to miss something in your plan.

*Decorating Planners

Probably the most popular planner porn is supplied by plannerds who are into decorating.

planners, weekly, weekly planner spread, weekly spread

They look pretty, but the pictures distract me from planning and take up lots of space.

TIP: If you are a Decorating Planner, consider designating areas for decorating and keeping planning in the remaining areas.

*Casual Planners

Casual planners just write anything anywhere.
planners, weekly, weekly planner spread, weekly spread

This sort of planning is fine for those into simplicity with few things to plan each day.

Beginning plannerds often use casual planning.

*Task-Based Planners

Task-based planners focus on what needs to be done, with scheduled activities kept elsewhere (say on a monthly calendar). In some ways, the Giftie Etcetera system is task-based.

planners, weekly, weekly planner spread, weekly spread

With task-based planning, appointments are somewhere else, giving more room to write tasks.

TIP: Keep errands separate from other types of tasks.

*System-Based Planners

I love system-based planning, no matter the system. (Obviously, I like the Giftie Etcetera system the best!)

System-based plannerds have a system set up for how they do their planning. For example, I use a three column system, with DUE, MUST DO, and SHOULD DO as my columns, in addition to a MUST DO SOMETIME THIS WEEK area.

I also have a context code to note where I will accomplish the task.

planners, weekly, weekly planner spread, weekly spread

Those who use Getting Things Done are system planners, as one example.

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Jaime Barfield said...

There are many different types of planners. Everyone has some way that works best for them. :) I personally prefer daily pages with plenty of room for schedules and to dos. My monthly goals and big projects usually go in the notes section of the monthly.

Carla said...

Oh yes. A thousand planners, a thousand ways to plan; and not one fits everyone. That's what makes this "hobby" so interesting.

Mary Wimbley said...

So far, I like my recently revamped planner system. I think it's going to work for me. :) It took me a long time to learn that I have to tailor my planner to work with my brain, not try to force my brain to work with a set planner style. I've never been a "one size fits all" kind of gal.

Anna said...

I like system based planners, too. I was liking what I had- weekly pages with times of day listed and space at the bottom for tasks. But when I ran out, I printed off some different things for the summer- still weekly spaces, but no times, and space on the side for weekly "to-do" and errands. It works with the more causal, less regular pace of summer for our family.

AJ @ Aspen Jay said...

I am definitely a task-based planner person. It just feels good to cross things off! :) Thanks for linking up with us at the TALENTED TUESDAY link party!
Hope you are having a great day!