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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Case for a Thin Page Marker

On my weekly pages, I write in three columns. Due dates go in the outside column, must do tasks in the middle, and should do tasks on the inside, near the rings.

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I picked the area near the rings for the most minor priority tasks for two reasons.

1. My handwriting is not as nice near the rings.

2. My page marker, used to bookmark the current day, hides the part near the rings.

The second reason is the critical motivation for using a thinner page marker. I'm hiding items that can be done, but are not critical. When I open my planner to today's spread, I get to see the MUST DO and DUE tasks only.

Having a layout like that helps me focus on what must be done. A thicker page marker would hide the information that I need to see.

If your page marker is too thick, consider getting a thin one. (Mine comes from a Plan Ahead planner.) Or make your own out of thin plastic or a plastic file folder.


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Mary Wimbley said...

Ooh! I just got a Plan Ahead planner yesterday that came with that kind of page marker. I will definitely be trying that! :)

EmmaNoey said...

Interesting. I like that idea. I've been putting my page marker on the prior day so I don't cover anything, and I know to just turn one more page to be on the right day. Works for me.

Carla said...

I've gone the opposite direction. Made my pagelifter the same width as my calendar page, and of clear plastic sheeting. I use a vertical layout, so this allows me to see the entire week. Added benefit, it gives a more stable writing area.

Anonymous said...

I usually use a really large paper clip so that I get the most out of my calendar pages. But this is a good way to use a page marker. As always, thanks for the tip.