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Monday, November 10, 2014

'Tis The Season For A Planner Purge

There are two times per year when I work my planner to death - the beginning of the school year and the holiday season. Early November has become a traditional time to thin out my planner, since it is fat from school and I add so many pages into it for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If your planner is getting fat, put it on a diet!

*Delete any projects that are no longer active.

*Remove all months except November and December.

*Purge notes/files.

TIP: When you remove a file, cross out and highlight the file name. That way, only the active files will jump out at you.

I decided which files to purge by looking at the information. If I hadn't touched the file in a year or so or if the information was outdated, I threw it out. A couple of files had information that I need to store, but not in a movable, remotely-accessible format.

Real Life Details: Deleted or removed files included locations, notes from a car wreck over a year ago, notes on how to use You Tube (as I am now an expert), diet (since replaced by a log in projects), addresses (all on Facebook now), old Thanksgiving plans (except last year's, which went in projects), allowance tracker (we now reward chores with electronics time), inventory (blank and I have no idea what it was), and borrowed (I now use a sticky note on my weeklies).

Give your planner a quick purge before the holiday season is upon us.



lyn said...

I've been using a planner for slightly over a month so I don't really have anything to purge yet. But I've been thinking about how I want to keep my old pages. It will be so hard to throw out all the cute little decorations! I think I need an archiving system for the future :-)

Anonymous said...

Great simple post. And the borrowed post it note tip is perfect! I will do it too. Thank you