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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Double Duty

Time management gurus often suggest that people do two things at once. Sometimes, that is a horrible idea. Some things just require total concentration. 

But I do two things at once a lot...and wanted to share some double duties that make sense.

*Wipe down the tub while the bath is draining.
*Do a sweep of things out of place in the house or spray and wipe the counters and stove while talking on the phone.
*Write your blog while watching The Voice.

*Paint your nails, update your planner, or process receipts while sitting in the carpool line.
*Give yourself a pedicure while watching a Gilmore Girls marathon.
*Chop veggies and prep fruits for the week while watching Chopped. (It works. Seriously.)
*Do "speedy" housework while you workout.
*Cut planner pages while watching tv or chatting with your spouse.
*Do dishes while cooking supper.

What are your favorite double duties?



Anna said...

I usually have several things going at once while I'm working in the kitchen. Usually they are things that I don't have to think to much about. For mindless, repetitive tasks (like cleaning) I might listen to an audiobook or have a conversation with someone. If I have a task that has some pauses- like waiting for a bucket to refill, I'm trying to use that time for short prayers.

Hanna Pehterova said...

I always wash the dishes while preparing dinner. And very often listen to audiobook when cleaning my house. When I'm on the phone with a friend I try to put the things around the house to its proper place.